The copywriter you’ve been looking for

You can find writers all over the place; on freelancing sites, social media, or even in your inbox (usually uninvited – the nerve!). 

But finding a good writer who is reliable, responsive, and capable of crafting copy that your clients will love is no easy task. 

Now you might say – well hang on Rach, these AI copywriting technologies are getting pretty good – and they’re way more responsive, reliable (and dare I say capable) of producing decent copy than a butt tonne of the writers slinging their services todayso why should I hire you?

And to that I say – yes, you’re completely right. Six months ago, I would have said differently, but the fact is AI is catching up. But here’s the thing – while AI is a fantastic tool – it still produces generic copy

You still need someone to take the bland (albeit well-written) copy the machines are producing and make it sing. You need someone to fact check it. You need someone to add in brand tone and some personality. Maybe even some personal anecdotes or current pop culture references. 

Otherwise after a while everyone’s copy is gonna start to sound the same. Formulaic and predictable. Boring. Yawn! 

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I’m willing to bet that in the next year or so consumers will be able to spot AI writing a mile away. And your clients are going to want something more unique if they’re paying your agency top dollar.

Now of course you could do all the editing yourself, but is that really the best use of your time?

Now here’s what you need to know about me: I always deliver when I say I will. You won’t be waiting weeks for your copy. I’m not afraid to offer suggestions or tell you when your (or your clients’) ideas suck. I always have the business’s best interests at heart, no matter who I’m working with. 

In my previous life, I spent my days shaking cocktails and slinging beers behind bars. I learnt the value of working hard and getting the job done, no matter what batshit crazy stuff was going on.

While studying my degree in Film and Television, I learnt the art of crafting a compelling script and got my head around the world of content creation. My first short film scored a couple of writing awards and was screened internationally at film festivals. But unfortunately, I soon found out the film-set life wasn’t for me, as a massive introvert I simply don’t have the energy for 12 hour days on set. 

Fast forward to 2020, when I found myself out of a job (cheers Covid). Bored with making homemade pasta and working my way through the Netflix library, I decided to teach myself how to write copy that opens hearts and wallets

Three years and over 100 clients on, I now know the intricacies of creating sales pages, web copy, landing pages, blog articles, email campaigns, and even YouTube scripts!  

These days you’ll find me chilling with the roos in my backyard on the Sunshine Coast, or sipping a Cosmo poolside in Gili Trawangan (don’t worry – the wifi is good!).

Get powerful copy,

on-time every time.




Her ability to learn the intricacies

of a niche topic quickly then

produce engaging content efficiently

is of huge value to me.

Over the 25 years I’ve worked in digital marketing I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of copywriters but Rachael is a powerhouse when you need to get things done. 

She understood the tone of voice we required and logically guided prospects through to a sale using well crafted words. 

It’s quite hard to find a copywriter like her in Australia that doesn’t require a second mortgage on your house to engage. Highly recommended

Nathan Stewart, Beekeeping Expert